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SNKRZ is a cutting-edge Web3 fitness metaverse platform that incentivizes users to stay active by offering rewards for exercise. Through their SNKRZ App, individuals own unique SNKRZ NFTs, each with distinct performance, tenacity, luck, quality, fever, and boost abilities.

Delving deeper into SNKRZ's ecosystem, it offers a gamified approach to fitness where movement is converted into tangible rewards through their native tokens, $FRC and $FIT. The SNKRZ platform also features a diverse array of activities such as walking, cycling, and hiking, adjusting the stamina mechanics according to the NFT's endurance ability.

SNKRZ stands out as a promising entity within the fitness and blockchain industries, providing a multifaceted approach to health and engagement. It offers a robust roadmap filled with milestones such as app launches, tokenomics development, and global expansions.