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Solana Searches Surge 250% in Two Months, Cathie Wood Praises Performance

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

19 December 2023

Recent data from The Block reveals a remarkable 250% increase in Google searches for 'Solana' from early October to December. The surge, from a scale of 14 to 49, correlates with Solana's strong price performance, growing by 224% between October 11 and December 18.

Rebecca Stevens, a research analyst at The Block, attributes Solana's popularity to its robust price performance compared to other assets and the success of memecoins on its network. Prominent figures like Cathie Wood have praised Solana, noting its speed and cost-effectiveness compared to Ethereum.

The Block's data underscores Solana's market momentum, reflecting a positive sentiment in the cryptocurrency space. Notably, Google searches for 'bitcoin' and 'ethereum' also grew, albeit at a slower rate, during the same period.

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