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Synaps is an innovative technology firm specializing in the complex field of identity verification. The company’s scope encompasses everything from basic Personhood validation to comprehensive KYC (Know Your Customer)/AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYB (Know Your Business) compliance processes.

Synaps offers an array of services tailored to the multifaceted demands of online identity verification and fraud prevention. Their approach to identification is adaptive, capable of evolving from fundamental Sybil resistance, designed to eliminate bots, to full compliance with extensive regulatory mandates—all while maintaining a dedication to privacy that aligns with the core values of the crypto community.

The appeal of Synaps lies in its ability to craft a balance between stringent compliance requirements and the consecration of user privacy. With a suite of services that cater to a diverse spectrum of identity verification needs, including custom solutions with some of the highest pass rates globally, and a devotion to high-security practices, Synaps positions itself as a partner of choice for businesses navigating the evolving landscape of digital identity.