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Topps Digital

Topps Digital

Topps Digital has evolved into a pioneering force within the collectible industry, launching Topps Series 1 MLB Baseball Cards on the WAX Blockchain. This innovation represents not only a nod to the company's seven-decade legacy of trading card production but also its adaptation to the digital age.

With a rich history dedicated to capturing the essence of America's pastime, Topps Digital offers a variety of collectibles. Fans can buy, sell, and trade digital assets, such as the MLB NFTs, through the WAX Blockchain, with assets securely stored in the WAX Cloud Wallet.

Topps Digital's integration of blockchain technology ushers in a new age for collectors, merging nostalgia with innovation. The company provides exciting opportunities for fans to engage with their favorite players through digital collecting and special "Burn to Earn" events, where collectors can turn their NFTs into rarer cards.