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United Group

United Group

United Group is a pioneering firm dedicated to enhancing the Elrond blockchain network's security and adoption. The company manages substantial assets totaling 37.3 million dollars, serving 1362 active delegators across their 47 validator nodes with an impressive average annual percentage rate (APR) of 12.75%.

At the core of United Group's operation is a commitment to simplifying the process of building on the cutting-edge technology of Elrond's blockchain. Their primary focus is to offer strong staking infrastructures and engage actively in the community and governance aspects of the ecosystem.

United Group stands out for its strategic involvement in pushing the Elrond network towards a leading role in the internet's future economy, including fintech, decentralized finance, and IoT. Their philosophy emphasizes slow initial improvements with rapid progressive gains, positioning themselves as a valuable ally for anyone eager to participate in blockchain consensus and governance.