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Verify Investor

Verify Investor is an essential service provider in the field of investor accreditation and verification, operating under the stringent requirements set forth by U.S. federal laws. As a majority-owned subsidiary of tZERO, a renowned financial technology company with connections to the New York Stock Exchange/Intercontinental Exchange, offers a strong combination of cutting-edge technology, brand trust, and rigorous compliance to its clients.

The company’s suite of services is extensive, addressing various investor verification needs such as Rule 506(c) and Rule 506(b) accredited investor reviews, qualified purchaser and client verifications, alongside custom solutions for unique cases. distinguishes itself by providing a streamlined, attorney-led process that gracefully handles the intricacies of the verification requirements.'s commitment to simplification, reliability, and confidentiality in investor verification has earned it a reputation of excellence, echoed through glowing testimonials from a diverse range of satisfied clients, including individuals from the cryptocurrency, real estate, and private equity sectors. The company empowers clients to confidently meet the federal mandate of "reasonable steps" for investor verification, ensuring that sensitive information is safely guarded from unauthorized access.