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Wachsman is a dynamic strategy and communications consultancy specializing in tech and financial services with a global footprint. Embracing the fearless pioneers of the industry, Wachsman’s expertise lies in propelling emerging technologies and innovative financial solutions to the forefront of public consciousness.

Delving into Wachsman's portfolio, one discovers a diverse array of sectors where the firm imparts its influence, from artificial intelligence and blockchain to clean energy and gaming. Notably, Wachsman played a pivotal role in introducing the first Web3 metaverse in 2017, showcasing its deep understanding and experience in guiding ventures within transformative landscapes.

Engaging with Wachsman offers businesses a strategic advantage, as the company combines unparalleled insight into blockchain, a proven track record in the metaverse, and the promotion of sustainable technologies. Clients, ranging from disruptive startups to visionary venture capitalists, receive personalized and innovative communication strategies, ensuring their narratives resonate within their industries.