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Waterdrip Capital, established in 2017 by visionary Chinese experts in blockchain, stands as a leading global investment firm in the blockchain arena. This international institution commits to bridging traditional finance with the emerging blockchain ecosystem, supporting remarkable blockchain startups, and engaging dynamic entrepreneurs and IT talent to craft the future of digital financial infrastructure.

Named after the "Water drop" from the renowned sci-fi novel "The Three-Body Problem," Waterdrip Capital strategically targets the most promising blockchain startups, fostering their growth with a plethora of resources while journeying with them at the frontier of technology exploration. With a portfolio of over 150 blockchain projects encompassing foundational chains, protocols, and applications, the company emphasizes creating a diverse blockchain ecology, especially focusing on the BTC network, distributed storage, cross-chain, DEFI, and DAO initiatives.

Waterdrip Capital distinguishes itself as an influential investor by utilizing its extensive industry network to support early-stage startups with prime exposure, enhanced by its investments in leading blockchain media and communities. The company's collaborations with top crypto exchanges offer new projects significant token listing opportunities, further amplifying their visibility and success potential.