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What Bitcoin Did

What Bitcoin Did

What Bitcoin Did is a preeminent digital platform dedicated to in-depth discussions and explorations into the world of Bitcoin. Launched in November of 2017, it has cemented its place as the go-to podcast for Bitcoin enthusiasts seeking a mix of expertise and opinion from various influential voices within the industry.

What Bitcoin Did provides a robust trove of over 500 podcast episodes featuring a range of high-profile guests such as Adam Back, Michael Saylor, and President Nayib Bukele, thereby attracting a broad audience base. Catering to beginners and seasoned veterans alike, the platform covers everything from the technical details of Bitcoin to its impact on societal and economic structures.

For anyone intrigued by Bitcoin and its transformative potential, What Bitcoin Did is an indispensable resource. Its ability to offer a tri-weekly peek into the minds of some of the space's most forward-thinking individuals makes it a unique educational platform.