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What to mine

What to mine

WhatToMine is a comprehensive cryptocurrency mining profit calculator, primarily focused on comparing the profitability of various cryptocurrencies against Ethereum Classic. It is a specialized online tool catering to crypto miners who seek to optimize their earnings by calculating potential profits across different coins using their specific mining hardware setup.

The website presents real-time data such as current cryptocurrency valuations, block rewards, estimated rewards, market capitalizations, and power consumption costs, all essential indicators in the mining process. With support for a wide array of hardware, including GPUs and ASIC miners, WhatToMine aggregates information on hashing algorithms and mining efficiencies to help users configure and allocate their mining resources optimally. The site's user-friendly interface enables miners to enter their hash rates and power consumption to receive tailored mining profitability assessments.

WhatToMine stands out for its comprehensive support system and easily accessible profitability data, offering an invaluable service for both novice and veteran cryptocurrency miners. The site's detailed calculations, based on average values and user-specific information, enable a thorough profitability analysis for a variety of altcoins in comparison to Ethereum Classic.