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XBTO is a pioneer in the intersection of digital assets and traditional finance, founded in 2015 with the primary objective of providing sophisticated, non-US investors and institutions with access to the burgeoning digital asset market. As an innovative financial firm, XBTO has positioned itself at the forefront of digital asset trades, leveraging the expertise of its principals to craft a niche in a relatively new and rapidly evolving industry.

Delving deeper into the mechanics of XBTO's offerings, the company flaunts an impressive array of financial services tailored to meet the demands of institutional investors seeking secure and flexible digital asset management. In partnership with Stablehouse, XBTO has developed a regulated custody platform that ensures maximal security and protection for its clients' digital assets, significantly mitigating the risks inherent in the digital asset space. The company's multifaceted approach further extends to providing substantial monthly trade volume and assets under management, as well as maintaining a strong relationship with over 100 institutional counterparts.

The influence and efficiency of XBTO in the digital asset management and trading industry are underpinned by an impressive track record of $1.5 billion in monthly trade volume and $250 million assets under management. With global recognition for their innovative and compliant solutions, XBTO has become a trusted partner for institutions like Clarien Bank Limited.