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Zero Hash

Zero Hash

Zero Hash is a cutting-edge financial infrastructure company that specializes in the democratization of cryptocurrency access through API-first technology and turnkey regulatory solutions. As the backbone of the burgeoning digital asset economy, the company enables seamless and compliant crypto product launches for innovators in various fields, including payments, fintech, and trading platforms.

Internationally recognized for its scalable and battle-tested platform, Zero Hash powers more than $10 billion in transaction volume, reaching over 220 million end-users across 221+ countries, including U.S. jurisdictions. Notable for its flexibility, crypto-native infrastructure, and strict adherence to compliance, Zero Hash supports a vast array of assets and operates with 99.99% uptime.

Zero Hash has rapidly ascended as an industry stalwart, gaining broad recognition with accolades such as "Crypto Company of the Year" by AltFi and ranking 21st on Deloitte's "Technology Fast 500 North America". The company’s commitment to innovation and diversity in leadership is evident in its array of awards and commendations, which signal robust trust and reliability in the dynamic world of crypto infrastructure services.