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Zokyo Ltd. is an established Web3 cybersecurity company which has carved a niche as a leader in protecting digital innovations and investments. Recognized for its meticulous and multi-faceted cybersecurity strategies, Zokyo specializes in preemptive vulnerability identification within blockchain projects, ensuring they are fortified before public deployment.

Delving deeper into Zokyo's robust portfolio, they have served over 200 global clients, contributing their expertise across 18 countries round the clock. Zokyo's technical prowess is reflected in not only the 750,000 lines of code they have scrutinized but also in the diverse programming languages they audit, including Move, Solidity, Rust, and Golang.

Zokyo's appeal lies not only in its security measures but also in its integral role in the launch and development of Web3 products. Their customer experiences underscore the company's commitment to collaboration, expertise in DeFi and smart contract auditing, and contributions to enhancing security cultures within projects they partner with.